Heather Sorenson entered the church music industry in her twenties, and her name quickly became a welcomed fixture in the publishing world. Heather is hired by the largest and most respected publishers in the world, and her pieces remain at the top of Bestsellers lists and Editor's Choice selections.

Diversity is the characteristic that makes Heather somewhat of an anomaly in the industry: she easily maneuvers both the traditional and contemporary genres of Christian music, often combining the two for a unique blend that has become her artistic fingerprint. Initially recognized for her skill as a pianist, Heather is now known for her compositions in choral anthems, solo piano collections, and orchestrations. Her works are performed regularly at competitions, concerts, recitals, and churches worldwide.

Over the past several years, Heather has appeared multiple times at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Constitution Hall in the roles of pianist and composer. She is scheduled to conduct her Christmas composition "The Silence and the Sound" 'at Carnegie Hall during the 2020 Christmas Season.

Although her career is sometimes on a big stage, Heather’s heart is leading the Church in worship, and she feels that her greatest calling is using her music to connect people with God.

Years of experience as a church music administrator and music educator have proven to be invaluable experience, and teaching has become a large part of Heather's ministry. She taught all elementary levels of music at Grace Academy of Dallas for 4 years, served as an adjunct music professor at Baylor University, and has served on many master class panels in piano and songwriting. Heather regularly is a guest speaker and conductor at churches across America, and leads scores of sessions each year at various worship conferences, schools, and universities.

Currently Heather spends her time juggling a full writing load as well as traveling as a guest artist and lecturer. In her spare time, she loves catching up with friends over coffee, reading, and trying new-to-her restaurants. A list of "favorites"would include the perfect bowl of mashed potatoes, a great pair of heels, visiting beautiful churches, and exploring historic cities. She also collects stained glass windows and old newspapers with major headlines. Heather makes her home in the Dallas, TX area with her beloved (and very vocal) beagle, Lucy.

Like everyone else, Heather’s Christian walk has been a journey. She sums it up best in the forward to her book We Have Met To Worship:

Sometimes the path we’ve been given in life slowly shapes us into a different person - each individual step bringing us more into the image of Christ. But then sometimes our path takes steep turns- its marks causing us to be almost unrecognizable from the person we were before. Like so many of God’s own, I have been deeply etched. I am not the same person I was a few years ago. When I see all the marks on my life - places where God deeply cut things out, shattered things that I hung onto unwisely, stitched up wounds inflicted by my own error - sometimes my "disfigurations" overwhelm me.

I am learning to embrace my marks; you see, every time God’s chisel chips away a part of me, it exposes a piece of Christ underneath. The scars that seemed to strip me of my own beauty are changing me into a picture of God’s Beautiful Son. And in this light, I am honored to bear God’s marks. They have changed my image of God, my relationship with God, and they have changed my worship of God.
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